Guest of honour 2017

Food for those in need

What we do

The Fondation Colis du Cœur, created in 1993, distributes packages made up of food and hygiene products. These are distributed to families and individuals living in the Canton of Geneva, who have trouble making ends meet.

Who we provide for

The packages are intended as a supplement to the food shopping families and individuals with low income can manage. They are screened and approved by social services, before they are sent to us. 

It could be you, it could me. Anyone’s life can suddenly take a drastic turn.

How does it work ?

Our distribution is possible thanks to our generous food partners, financial donors and a team of 70 amazing volunteers.

Our volunteers make this possible. 

Our impact

The Fondation Colis du Cœur helps thousands of adults and children every week, by providing a supplement to their food shopping.

In 2012, we served 43'000 people, 79'000 in 2015 and close to 119'000 in 2016.

A food parcel from The Colis du Cœur, is made up of packaged and canned goods, fresh vegetables and fruit, eggs and dairy products. It’s the equivalent of three meals. CHF 30.-.


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