History 2012: 35th edition


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The poster

The Committee had chosen to entrust the production of the poster of the 35th edition to Exem.

A4 escalator

The designer

35 2012 photodessinateur Exem, born December 18, 1951 in Geneva.

Certificate of Latin maturity and studies of political economy.

Theater technician at La Comédie from 1973 to 1986.

In 1982, returns to the comic strip as an autodidact. Beginning in 1986, he lived from the drawing: BD, but also posters, press drawings and illustrations of all kinds.

Since 1995, he has given a course on comics as part of the HEG in Geneva.

Exercises its activity for clients mainly based in Geneva.

The path

You can find the route by clicking HERE .

The souvenir price

Tray and lamps (Exem): visual to come.

The guest of honor

The Course de l'Escalade supported this year Carrefour-Rue "La Coulou".

35 2012 Logo Carrefour Street

The results

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The brochure

A4 escalator


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