History 2013: 36th edition


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The poster

The Committee chose to entrust the creation of the poster of the 36th edition to Adrienne Barman.

Poster 36

The designer

36 2013 photoAdrienneBarman

Adrienne Barman, born in Ticino in 1979 and currently lives in Geneva.

Practice as a freelance graphic designer.

Since 2007 is also devoted to the illustration by having published several books for the youth and comics.

Collaborates on different mandates and press drawings.

Sponsor of the private foundation of the university hospitals of Geneva.

The path

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The souvenir price

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The guest of honor

The Course de l'Escalade supported this year:

Running ... Together

This association, created in 2006 by Carole Lauk in memory of Tiffany, aims to improve the daily life and living environment of children with cancer by the Geneva Children's Hospital.

Run together

Tiffany, despite a tumor in his leg, had a dream: to participate in the Course de l'Escalade. Unfortunately, the illness had taken away his courage and his will. It is to pay tribute to him that Carole Lauk, volunteer facilitator of the workshop of tinkering of the service of oncopedatry, decided to take part in the Course de l'Escalade, Never put on a pair of basketball.

Running ... Together, a non-profit association has the particularity of having no running costs, all the members giving themselves body and soul in a volunteer way.

Thanks to the inexhaustible energy of its volunteers, the association sets up a number of projects that allow children and their families to forget about the disease for a while and to regain courage to face it better.

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The results

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The Brochure

VISUAL Brochure 2013 Brochure of the 36th edition

Walking and Nordic Walking

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Training photos

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Press Releases

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