History 2014: 37th edition


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The poster

The Committee decided to entrust the production of the poster of the 37th edition to Mix & Remix .

37 2014 poster

The designer

37 2014 photodessinator


Mix & Remix, with his real name Philippe Becquelin, born April 6 , 1958 in Saint-Maurice , Valais .

Produced satirical drawings on the news for several newspapers including L'Hebdo and the TV program Infrared .

Bonbomme nb




The path

You can find the route by clicking HERE .

The souvenir price

37 2014 photoprixsouvenir Rectangular Plate (Mix & Remix)

The guest of honor

The Course de l'Escalade supported this year the two associations Foyer Arabelle and Solidarité Femmes .

Logo50meLogo Solidarite Women1




The results

All the results of the year 2014: Ranking

Palmares 2014 by category

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TBThe Brochure

37 2014 visual program Brochure of the 37th edition


Walking and Nordic Walking

Icone Walking List of streets and paths, route plan


Training photos

Icon Photo CLICK HERE to watch the photos taken by our volunteers.


Press Releases

press Articles on the 37th edition

Costume contest: results and pictures

Icone disguise Results HERE