Sustainable development

The Course de l'Escalade is firmly committed to sustainable development. Since 2002, our committee has set up an ad hoc committee responsible for sustainable development.

The growing importance of our event and the enthusiasm it provokes in the public has naturally led us to take on this responsibility which must reconcile social equity, environmental preservation and economic efficiency. We put our race in the objectives of the Agenda 21 of the City and the Canton of Geneva, as well as those pursued by the Federal Office of Development. This citizen and responsible approach allowed us to carry out concrete and measurable actions in favor of sustainable development.

This year 2016 is full of new and positive actions!

Our committee, with the voluntary help of Jonathan Normand (CODETHIC), has decided to prepare a report on the environmental, social and economic impacts that are generated by the Course de l'Escalade. With this in mind, we are very pleased to have the participation of specialists in the environmental and social fields. More specifically, we will have the expertise of two EPFL laboratories, in particular the Laboratory of Urban Sociology (LASUR), represented by Prof. Luca Pattaroni and the Laboratory of Natural Environment (ENAC), represented by Prof. Jérôme Payet.

Our aim is to create a sustainable approach and reproducible performance indicators that allow us to continuously improve our sustainable development actions over time.

Thank you to our sustainable development partners for their valuable help in enhancing the information and positive impacts of the Course de l'Escalade on its environment and its community.

We look forward to your comments on the upcoming review.

Concretely, in collaboration with the partner companies SERBECO SA and PROP SA, sorting and waste recovery centers (PET, paper, glass, etc.) are installed in the Promenade des Bastions. Thanks to these measures, the recycling rate now exceeds 50%. In addition, all our publications are printed on 100% recycled paper.

Move better, spend less!

The association manages the carpooling .ch on which users can search and offer ads for free, in order to undertake common journeys. The service is not-for-profit and allows everyone to make a gesture for the environment while saving on his traveling expenses.

To join the Course (on Saturday in Parc des Bastions): click here !

For carpooling until the Walking (on Friday in Veyrier): click here !

L'Eau de Genève

Since 2009, the water supply of the participants at the finish is now realized with the Geneva Water of the SIG, which allows to limit the waste on the manifestation. Excellent quality tap water in Geneva is up to 1000 times more environmentally friendly than bottled water.



Electricity Vitale Green 

The Course de l'Escalade has made the choice of SIG green electricity for the power supply of all the event.


Soft Mobility

It is strongly advised to come by trams / buses, by bike or on foot. The day of the race,  the public transport network of Geneva and Unireso are free for participants.
In addition, the B7 Biodiesel is used as fuel by shuttles and TPG buses.