Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I collect the bib/race number of another person? 
A: Yes. Please submit the registration document or identification of the other runner/walker, or a photocopy of these documents.

Q: A headlamp is it provided for the walking event? 
A: No lamp is provided.

Q: I registered but my name does not appear in the starter list. Is this normal? 
A: If you registered at one of the registration points (Aeschbach stores), it can take several days before your entry appears in the start list. For registration by internet (Datasport), it may take 24 hours before your registration appears (update everey night).

Q: Will I receive a confirmation after I register? 
A: No confirmation is sent by mail. When registering online through the website Datasport, a confirmation is sent to you by e-mail at the end of the registration process. and after payment. When registering in Aeschbach stores, you will be given a receipt which is a proof of registration we advise you to bring when withdrawing you bib number. In all cases, participants can check they are well registered on the starting lists (updated every night).

Q: I do not have a credit card, how do I register? 
A: You can register in Aeschbach stores.

Q: What are the time and place of start of my race? 
A: The Walking event starts in Veyrier village on Friday December 2nd at 8:00 pm., with departures staggered every 2 minutes.   
All other races are on Saturday December 3rd and start from the bottom of the rue de la Croix Rouge, just next to the Place Neuve. For starting times please refer to the race schedule page.

Q: I overpaid for my entry fee, how to get a refund? 
A: Refunds are made at the same time as the collection of bibs/race numbers, in the biggest tent at the stand labelled "Services Coureurs" near the withdrawal of bib numbers.

Q: I cannot participate in the race, can I get a refund? 
A: No, there is no refund. Please refer to our general regulations. If you have taken out cancellation insurance when you registered online, please contact the insurance organisation whose details can be found in this document

Q: I cannot participate in the race, can I transfer or give my number to someone else? 
A: No, by no means a bib/race number can be transmitted to a third party. 

Q: Should I return my bib after the race? 
A: No, you may keep it as a souvenir whether or not you participated.

Q: Where is the timing chip? 
A: It is integrated into the bib/race number, and there is no need to return it. 

Q: I am already registered, but I would like to change the category. Is this possible? 
A: If you wish to subscribe to "The Marmite" or "Walking" or "Mixed popular races" events rather than in races by time blocks, please contact our office by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the registration deadline . Regarding the category "Escaladélite", please refer to ad-hoc rules. 

Q: I have lost something on the race site, where can I try to get it back? 
A: On the day of the race please contact the information desk at the entrance of the large tent in the Parc des Bastions 
The following Monday, please contact the Secretariat (63 rue des Eaux-Vives, tel. 022 700 59 02), where the lost property is kept. 2 weeks after the race, any remaining found items will be transferred to the Service cantonal des objects trouvés. 

Q: Can I pay my registration in euros? 
A: No, only in Swiss francs. 

Q: We are several people of different ages and sex, we can run in the same category? 
A: Possibilities are to run in Mix2 or Mix3 (mixed races) or in the Marmite race.

Q: How many people does it take to create a group? 
A: At least 10 people.