Guidelines for Children

Before making your child aware of these guidelines, here are two important recommendations:


  • Before the race, bring your child to the "Children’s Village", located after the finish line, to make sure he/she knows the place you will meet after the event. Also indicate the particular area where he/she will wait - this corresponds to the animal label on the race bib (see below).
  • Fill in the form on the back of the bib indicating in particular the mobile phone number of the parent or accompanying adult that collects the child.

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The bib must be collected no later than one hour before the start of the race of your child.

Before attaching the bib, enter the name and mobile number of the person who is accompanying your child on the back.

The bib must be fixed to the chest, not folded, using the pins contained in the envelope.

For the poussin(e) and écolier(ère)s, the colour of the bib is the category of the child. On the bottom right of the front of the bib is a picture of an animal that corresponds to the first letter of the child's family name. This will allow the child to easily locate the area where he/she will wait in the "Village des enfants" (see below) to be picked up by a parent or accompanying adult after the race.


The bib, with integrated chip, must be attached before the bringing the child to the entrance of the area reserved for runners.


To improve the organization and flow of the start for Poussin(e)s and Ecolier(ère)s the entire area ranging from the Place Neuve to the pedestrian crossing at the top of the Rue de la Croix Rouge is exclusively reserved for children.

Parents are not allowed in this area.

Access to the starting area will be from the Place Neuve, at the bottom of the Rue de la Croix-Rouge. For schools only, access to this area is also possible via the "Induni" staircase installed behind the bandstand. The start zone is protected by barriers and gates where volunteers of our organization will take charge of your child. Official volunteers accompany the children within the start zone. An infographic of this area is located on this site.

Pathways to get on the course or the "Children's Village".

After entrusting your child ....

  • either go and watch the race: from the start area described above, go up the Rampe de la Treille and join the rue Saint-Léger, through rue Piachaud.
  • or go directly to the "Children's Village": work your way around Parc des Bastions (Place Neuve side), then walk along the park outside its walls, along the rue du Conseil-Général, then rue de-Candolle, passing Uni-Bastions. Enter the park at the first gate before rue Saint-Léger. This way the Children’s Village can be reached easily, avoiding congestion.

A map of these routes is here.


After the finish, located in the right aisle of the Promenade des Bastions, children continue to walk and are automatically directed to the area of souvenir prizes and refreshments. Continuing to walk, children receive their prize and refreshments. They then go to the "Children's Village" to find there their parents or carers.


Having received the souvenir and refreshment, children are guided to the "Children's Village" located in the upper part of the Promenade des Bastions, on the rue de Candolle side.

The village is divided into twelve sectors identified by animals corresponding to the first letter of the last (family) name and reproduced on the bib.


abeille cochon
 elephant  girafe  hibou
 D-E F-G H-I-J
   mouton  poisson
K-L  M  N-O-P
 rhinoceros  tortue  vache
 Q-R S-T  U-V-W-X-Y-Z


Parents or chaperones can easily find the children following the signs.

If, despite these precautions, a child should get lost or if the parents are late to arrive at the pick-up point, they should go to the Chaperons Rouges (Red Riding Hood) tent nearby where children wait in the warm and in the safe care of Geneva Red Cross.

Remember to fill out the form at the back of the bib indicating in particular the mobile phone number of the parent or accompanying adult that will collect the child.


Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Not us, not us!

If a child is lost, there will always be a Chaperon Rouge/Red Riding Hood to help reunite them with parents or chaperones.

How? Tell your child that if he or she is lost they need only look in the crowd for a lady dressed as Red Riding Hood with a big red cape and a big badge on the chest indicating Red Riding Hood. She will lead them to the “Lost children – nursery” tent where they can drink a cup of hot tea while waiting for parents or chaperones.


The garderie is located in the same tent as the lost children. Children who wish to spend a little time in the warm, for example while parents or accompanying adults run, are welcome. It is not necessary to register in advance. The garderie is also for infants and small children. The "Chaperons Rouges" ensure childcare from 12:00 am to 8:00 pm.

The "Chaperons Rouges" of the Geneva Red Cross wait with lost children from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The reception of lost children and childcare are provided by volunteer collaborators of Chaperons Rouges, the at-home child care service of the the Croix-Rouge genevoise.


For information tel: 022 304 04 82 (Monday to Friday).