Participant instructions

Table of contents

I. Guidelines specific to running races (Categories 1 to 72 and category 100)
II. Guidelines specific to the Duke race
III. Guidelines specific to Walking events
IV. Common guidelines for all events


I.   GUIDELINES SPECIFIC TO RUNNING RACES (Categories 1 to 72 and category 100)

1. Collection of bibs

Participants are requested to present an identity document when collecting race bibs/envelopes. People who have registered at a Post Office or via the Internet may present either the stamped postal receipt, or the online confirmation received when registering.  Runners who are registered in a group are asked to contact the group leader to coordinate the collection of their bib for those races.

Bibs may be collected from inside the large Escaladexpo tent located on the Promenade des Bastions, in front of the Reformation Wall, at these times:

  • Friday December 1st 2017, from 12:00 am. until 8:00 pm.
  • Saturday December 2nd 2017, as of 8:00 am.

A participant who has not collected their bib envelope at least 1 hour before the start of the event will no longer be admitted.

2. Changing rooms

The changing rooms are located at College Calvin (the rue Ferdinand-Hodler entrance), which is 5 minutes’ walk from the start line. Although there is some supervision for the changing rooms we cannot guarantee complete security and therefore decline any liability in case of theft. Users must vacate the changing rooms by 8:00 pm. at the latest.

3. Warm ups

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the different events, it is not permitted to warm up on the race course itself.  However please note that throughout the whole day instructor-led warm up sessions are presented by SuvaLiv from the podium on the Treille.

4. Starting point

The departure of all the races takes place at the beginning of the « Rue de la Croix-Rouge », side Place Neuve. As it is inside the course, its access is relatively difficult. So, it is recommended to the participants to be patient and especially to go there enough early to avoid a useless stress. Since the « Promenade des Bastions », the easiest is to take the footbridges inside the park.

The starting area is divided into four sections, by age (for youth categories) or by expected running times (for adults), and each participant is urged to put themselves into the relevant area corresponding to these criteria. The organizer calls upon the sporting attitude and fair play of all participants such that they strictly observe and apply these rules: firstly to allow smooth and safe starts of races, and secondly note that in any case the net time will be recorded for all participants thanks to the timing mats installed on the starting and finishing lines.

It is indicated that the zone of departure going of the Place Neuve till the bottom of the « Rue de la Croix-Rouge » is exclusively reserved for the participants, the public having no access there. For certain races, particular devices are fitted out :

Devices “Poussin(e)s” and “Ecolier(ère)s”

To ensure smooth and safe starts for the children’s categories (“Poussin(e)s” and “Ecolier(ère)s”), the whole area up from the Place Neuve to the pedestrian crossing at the top of the Rue de la Croix-Rouge is reserved exclusively for access by the children only. This area is thus not accessible for parents or other family members.
Entrance to this starting area for the children is at the bottom of the Rue de la Croix-Rouge, near the Place Neuve,. For schools only, access to this area is also possible via the "INDUNI" stairs, accessed from the Promenade des Bastions. The starting area is bounded by mobile barriers with several entrance gates, where volunteers from our organization will take charge of your child(ren) and escort them to the starting line.

Devices “Cadet(te)s”

Two departures are planned: one reserved to the "Cadets" A and B, an other one for the "Cadettes" A and B. The "Cadet(te)s" take place in the departure area according to their arrival in the aforementioned zone. However, for the young runners, male and feminine, of very good level (more details will soon be edited), it is possible to warm up before the departure of the race on the first 150 meters of the course. The organizer can besides authorize exceptionally an athlete for particular reasons to benefit from these particular conditions. A red dot on the bid will allow to identify these athletes.

Devices time block

It is planned that for the men 5 races with 5 blocks each, except the first race which contains only 1 block; for the women, it is planned that 3 races with 5 blocks each, except the first race which contains only 1 block. Every participants has to respect the block which was attributed to him (her) at the risk of disqualification. Plan of the device by time block is available for consultation HERE.

Escaladélite Race

There are 2 departures, 1 for the men and 1 for the women. The athletes take place in the departure area according to their arrival in the aforementioned zone. Athletes who completed the race in a specific time (more details to come), will be allowed to warm up on the first 150 meters of the race route. They will be recognisable because a red dot have been printed on their race bib. Moreover, the organizing committee will be able to allow athlete for some specific authorization to warm up on the first 150 meters of the race.

Mixed Races

2 mixed races, Mix2 on 2 tours and Mix3 on 3 tours are planned. To respect the spirit of these races, the composition of each will be made by grouping (companies, clubs, schools, diverse groupings), then by zip code.

In particular, for the race Mix3, it is planned 2 departures, the first one is reserved for the participants who think of realizing a time lower than 45 minutes.

5. Children’s Village – parents meeting their children after the race (children’s categories « Poussin(e)s » and « Ecolier(ère)s »)

Parents or carers should go to meet their children after the race at the Children's Village in the upper right corner of the Promenade des Bastions, Rue De-Candolle side. Despite all the precautions, should a child happen to go astray he or she will certainly be taken care of by the "Red Riding Hood" ladies ("Chaperon Rouge”) and brought to their tent located nearby the Children's Village.
All details concerning the organization for the children may be found in the "Guidelines for Parents" document, provided in the bib envelopes and also published on the Escalade Race website. We urge parents and/or carers to explain these guidelines to their children and to locate all the key places mentioned, before the race.

6. Valuables management

A guarded service of valuables management is proposed under the tent in the Parc of Bastions, on the 3th of December, from 10:30 am to 8:30 pm. The deposit of bags is free. A single bag by participant will be accepted. This service is proposed subject to availability.

The race organizer declines any responsibility in case of theft

7. "La Marmite"

“La Marmite” is a non-competitive race “par excellence”, where the spirit of family, friendship and humour is the priority. That said, no participant is allowed to start if not in possession of a bib. No special prize other than the race souvenir is distributed at the end of this event. The rankings are in recorded alphabetical order and will be published on this Escalade Race website. There are also a few points to look out for in this event where progress is slowed down due to the large number of participants and sometimes bulky costumes and disguises worn.

8. Costumes and Disguises

Costumes and disguises are part of the festival and are welcome in the Escalade Race. As such a costume contest is organized, the rules of which are presented on this website.
Because of the overhead electric cables for trams and trolley buses, as well as the height restriction passing under bridges (3m), the  carrying or transport of large objects is forbidden under penalty of disqualification. In addition, to ensure the safety of participants and spectators, the Organising Committee reserves the right to prohibit the participation of people with costumes that may present a risk or danger, to the participant or others. It is important to note that any participants who cause an accident due to their costume will be held solely responsible.

9. Guideline concerning passing and timing limits (Escaladélite)

Runners who are being passed by others are invited to sportingly run on the right hand side of the road in order to allow other participants to pass safely and comfortably.
Specifically concerning the Escaladélite, for reasons of sporting fair play and safety the organizer reserves the right to disqualify, as of the end of the first circuit, any runners who are slow (for men :  1st loop in under 10 minutes, 2nd in under 20 minutes.  For women:  the first loop in under 13 minutes 30, 2nd in under 27 minutes).

10. Timing

Measurement of timing is provided activated by microchip that each participant is provided with. The timing mats are placed at the start and finish of the race.

11. Special prizes

The distribution of special awards takes place in a tent located on the Promenade des Bastions, at approximately the following times :

Heures approximative Catégorie Jusqu'à
10h00 Poussin(e)s B6  10ème
10h15 Poussin(e) B7 10ème
10h30 Poussin(e)s A8 10ème
10h45 Poussin(e)s A9 10ème
11h15 Ecolier(e)s B10 10ème
11h45 Ecolier(e)s B11 10ème
12h00 Ecolier(e)s A 10ème
12h30 Cadettes A et B 10ème
12h45 Cadets A et B 10ème
15h00 Juniors hommes 10ème
15h05 Hommes I 10ème
15h10 Hommes II 10ème
15h15 Hommes III 10ème
15h20 Hommes IV 10ème
15h25 Hommes V
15h30 Hommes VI 10ème
17h00 Juniores femmes
17h05 Femmes I 10ème
Femmes II 10ème
17h15 Femmes III 10ème
17h20 Femmes IV 10ème
17h25 Femmes V 10ème
17h30 Femmes VI 10ème

12. Escaladélite Prizes: For the Escaladélite categories the awards ceremony will take place immediately after the race for the first three runners, on the podium installed near the finish line.


Information only available in French in this section.

1. Certificat médical
Comme le départ a lieu en France (Reignier), la réglementation française, au regard de l’article L. 231-3 du Code du Sport,  exige pour que le participant puisse participer à la Course, qu'il nous envoie un certificat médical de « non contre-indication à la pratique de l’athlétisme en compétition ou de la course à pied en compétition », daté de moins de 12 mois à la date du 1er décembre.
Alternativement, vous pouvez également nous envoyer : une Licence Athlé Compétition, une Licence Athlé Santé Loisir option Running ou un Pass’ Running délivrés par la Fédération Française d’Athlétisme, une Licence délivrée par la FSCF, la FSGT ou l’UFOLEP. Dans ce cas, la mention de non contre-indication à la pratique de l’athlétisme en compétition ou de la course à pied en compétition doit apparaître de façon précise sur la carte Licence.
Aucun autre document ne peut être accepté.
Ce document doit être envoyé sans délai mais au plus tard jusqu’au 17 novembre 2017, par courrier électronique (à This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) ; à défaut, l’inscription ne sera pas prise en considération
2. Retrait des dossards
Les dossards sont remis sur présentation d’une pièce d’identité. Les personnes s’étant inscrites dans un magasin Aeschbach ou via Internet peuvent présenter, soit la quittance, soit la confirmation en ligne reçue lors de leur inscription. Les coureurs inscrits dans un groupe sont priés de prendre contact avec le responsable du groupe afin de coordonner le retrait des enveloppes-dossard.
Les dossards pour la Course du Duc sont à retirer sous la grande tente située dans la Promenade des Bastions les :
• Jeudi 30 novembre 2017, de 12h00 à 19h00;
• Vendredi 1er décembre 2017, dès 12h00
Aucun dossard ne sera distribué à Reignier. Le coureur qui n'aura pas retiré son dossard dans les plages horaires indiquées ci-dessus, ne sera pas admis au départ.
3. Vestiaires
Aucun vestiaire n’est disponible à Genève le vendredi soir ; en revanche, les participants auront la possibilité de se changer à la MJC et au gymnase de Reignier, à la rue des Ecoles.
4. Transports des coureurs
En cohérence avec notre philosophie, nous encourageons vivement tous les participants à utiliser les navettes mises gratuitement à disposition par l’organisateur (durée du trajet environ 35 minutes), ce d’autant que les places de parc sont extrêmement limitées à Reignier.
Les bus seront stationnés à la rue Charles-Galland devant le Musée d’Art et d’Histoire / angle rue Bellot.
Les départs des bus s'échelonneront entre 18h00 et 20h10.
Compte tenu du nombre important de participants attendus, les coureurs se verront imposer l’heure de départ de leur bus en fonction de leur numéro de dossard. Chaque coureur pourra consulter l’heure de départ de son bus sur le site internet, sur les listes de départ, environ une dizaine de jours avant la Course. L’heure du bus assigné pour le transport vers Reignier sera communiquée également par email, de même qu’elle sera imprimée sur le dossard.
Lors de la montée dans les navettes à Genève, des agents de sécurité procèderont à une vérification de l’identité de chaque participant et à un contrôle des sacs. Par conséquent, les coureurs sont priés de se rendre bien en avance pour prendre la navette à l’horaire assigné. Ces bus déposeront ensuite, sans arrêt, les coureurs à Reignier dans un périmètre balisé et étanche incluant des espaces chauffés.
Les personnes venant par leurs propres moyens seront quant à elles contrôlées lors de leur entrée dans le périmètre « contrôlé ».

5. Transport des sacs
Pour des questions évidentes de logistique, chaque coureur est prié d’utiliser un sac d’un volume réduit.
Des bus et des camions assureront gratuitement le transport des sacs des coureurs de Reignier à Genève. Ils seront stationnés à la rue des Ecoles, à proximité de la ligne de départ.
L'organisateur fournira avec le dossard un coupon détachable, qui devra être fixé bien en vue sur son sac.
A Reignier, les coureurs déposeront leur sac dans les différents bus et camions numérotés en fonction de leur numéro de dossard ; afin d’en faciliter la récupération à l’arrivée, les coureurs sont invités à respecter scrupuleusement les consignes.
A Genève, les coureurs pourront récupérer leur sac soit dans le même bus TPG que celui dans lequel ils l'ont déposé à Reignier, soit sous les tentes installées Rue de la Croix-Rouge et portant le numéro du bus TPG dans lequel le coureur a antérieurement déposé son sac. Les sacs déposés dans les camions BALESTRAFIC pourront être récupérés soit au rez-de-chaussée de l’Uni Dufour (24 rue du Général Dufour). Le numéro du bus/du camion assigné pour le dépôt du sac sera imprimé sur le dossard.

6. Parcours
Le départ a lieu à Reignier (France) sur la Grand Rue. Le trajet emprunte ensuite la rue de Morlange, la route d'Esery , la route de Marsinge, la route de Viaison, rejoint la D2, le chemin de la Grande-Pièce, puis la route du Salève et arrive sur la RD1206. Le parcours bifurque ensuite à droite sur la rue Jules-Ferry, juste avant le rond-point du restaurant le Wo-Wo, longe le chemin des Iles, celui des Grandes-Iles, celui de l’Arve, des Pralets et celui des Vignes-du-Château pour monter sur le chemin de l’Arvaz en franchissant la frontière franco-suisse ; le trajet se poursuit à travers la commune de Veyrier, en empruntant la rue des Boulangers, puis la Route de Veyrier et celle de Vessy, sur le parcours traditionnel du Walking jusqu'au Parc des Bastions en Ville de Genève, traversant l’Arve sur le Pont de la Fontenette à Carouge. La distance totale est de km 19,580.
Compte tenu du franchissement de la frontière franco-suisse, les coureurs restent soumis aux dispositions habituelles en matière de douane.

7. Départs
Le premier départ de la course est donné à 21h30. L'organisation des départs s'effectuera par blocs successifs de 500 à 1'000 coureurs à intervalles réguliers. Pour des raisons de sécurité, la Police  impose un temps maximum de course de 2 heures, ce qui correspond à une vitesse de 9,8 km/h. Le temps de  course ne pouvant en aucun cas être dépassé, des temps de passages intermédiaires seront déterminés et en ligne prochainement. Les coureurs qui excéderaient ces limites devront quitter la course et pourront rejoindre l’arrivée par la voiture-balai ; à défaut, ils courront sous leur propre et entière responsabilité.

8. Classement et chronométrage
Le vainqueur de la Course du Duc sera le coureur qui franchira en premier la ligne d’arrivée.
Ainsi, il en est pour tous les coureurs qui seront partis dans le premier bloc. Pour ces derniers, le classement sera établi sur la base du temps écoulé entre le coup de pistolet et le franchissement de la ligne d’arrivée. Pour les coureurs qui auront pris le départ dès le deuxième bloc, le classement sera établi sur la base des temps nets, soit ceux compris entre le passage du coureur sur le tapis de départ et celui d’arrivée.
Si par exception un coureur du deuxième bloc (et suivants) devait réaliser un temps inférieur à celui des 10 premiers coureurs du premier bloc, son classement ne pourrait être meilleur que le 11ème rang.
Il sera établi un classement scratch, à savoir toutes catégories confondues, un pour les hommes et un pour les femmes, et des classements par catégories d'âges.
Prix spéciaux
Des prix spéciaux récompenseront les 10 premiers coureurs hommes et 10 premières femmes au classement scratch uniquement.

1. Collection of bibs / numbers

Bibs for the walking can be collected Friday December 1st 2017 in the following locations :

  • From 12:00 am to 4:00 pm:  inside the large Escaladexpo tent located in the Park of Bastions
  • From 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm:  from the school of Veyrier Grand Salève

2. Transport of participants to the start of the walking event

Walkers must make their own way to the start, which leaves from Veyrier village.  Given the limited number of parking spaces, we strongly recommend the use of public transport (bus lines 8, 34 and 41).

3. Transport of bags

A van will be available to transport walkers' bags from the start area in Veyrier village to the finish line. The van will be parked on the back of the walkers group, avenue du Grand-Salève, near the Raiffeisen bank, until 7:45 sharp.

 The walkers' bags will be available for collection under a tent installed on the lawn near the Palais Eynard.

4. Changing rooms

No cloakroom is available in Geneva on Fridays evenings; on the other hand, the participants will have the possibility of changing to Veyrier.

5. Starting times, rankings and results

The first start is at 8:00 pm. The starts of the Walking will then alternate by block. Blocks will be determined according to the time the participant realised in 2015 or 2016 or for new participants as their estimated time at registration. . A departure time will thus be provided to each participant, and participants are strongly encouraged to comply with their own departure times.

Nevertheless, should a participant have a good reason to change his/her departure block, he/she is allowed to do it without having to inform the race organizer. New participants will choose the departure block according to the reference times indicated on the display boards located in front of each block.

The start will take place at Chemin des Rasses in Veyrier. Because of this organization, a timing mat will be installed on the start line, in order to determine the net walking time. This time will be published alphabetically on the internet website,

The participants are made aware that they should have walked the entirety of the course within the maximum time of 2 hours. Therefore, for security reasons, the walkers who will not walk through the following crossing points before the indicated time will be overtaken by the sweep vehicle and will continue walking on the course without being supervised and under their own responsability.

Crossing point
km Max. walking time Time limit
Grand-Donzel km 2.6    
Roundabout route de Veyrier km 3.6    
Pont de Veyrier km 5.4    
Pont de la Fontenette km 6.9    

6. Course

The course circuit is defined by traffic cones, and takes place on roads that remain open to traffic. We ask all participants to take care and to strictly comply with the instructions of race marshals.


1. Public Transport

Consistent with our philosophy of sustainable development, we encourage you to give priority to public transport. Our organization supports the majority of costs related to free movement on the network TPG and Unireso, the day of the event, for competitors who subscribed the TPG option during registration. Our organization takes care of the costs bound to the free circulation on the network of TPG and Unireso, the day of the race. The competitors will have to print their name specific ticket since the lists of departure and it necessarily to provide during their routes. The TPG makes attentive to the fact that controls will be made; every passenger without valid ticket will be amended.

2. Arrival

Once the finish line has been crossed, runners are asked to not stop in the finishing area but to move on to the souvenir prize distribution point, located between the two wings of the Uni-Bastions / University building. A souvenir prize will be awarded to each participant who completed the race.

3. iRewind

A nice souvenir expects each participant. All participants are filmes by cameras iRewind and can download this special moment on This service is offered by Migros and UBS. 

4. Participant refreshments

Refreshments consisting of hot and cold drinks will be provided for participants by SPONSER and the Services Industriels de Genève (SIG) / Geneva Water. A banana will be provided to each runner by MIGROS.

5. Results and ranking

Wherever possible, the provisional results of different races are displayed in the large Escaladexpo tent on the Promenade des Bastions. The rankings are released on our website throughout the day as and when they become available.
Furthermore, the best results for each category Escalade Race will be published in the Tribune de Genève newspaper on 4 December 2017.
Individual and inter-group results and statistics, photos and other important race information will be available on this website the day after the Escalade Race.

6. Race certificate

Each competitor will be able to download their diploma showing their time and ranking, via this website.

7. Prix-souvenir

Each participant who completes the race will receive a souvenir prize illustrated by the designer of the poster, immediately after the race. No prize will be sent out by mail.

8. Disputes

Any dispute shall be resolved by an Appeal Committee chaired by Mr Christian Décombaz, Technical Leader of the race.

9. Massage

After the effort, some well-deserved relaxation. A group of masseurs led by Jerome Bachelard will look after you in the main changing rooms (vestiaires) of Calvin College and the Team Physio will be in the lobby of Uni-Dufour (across the road from Parc des Bastions)

10. Health Services

Five doctors connected by radio to the Headquarters of the race are ready to intervene if and when necessary. The central infirmary will be at Uni-Bastions (university building within the Parc des Bastions), and Samaritan stations may be found in the young ones school in Saint-Antoine, in the rue de l'Hôtel de Ville, and in the finish line area. If you have or detect a medical issue you should contact an official on the course, or in the case of an emergency, call 144.

11. WC / toilets

Toilets are available and distributed around the route of the Race :

  • Collège Calvin (the entrance from rue Ferdinand-Hodler),
  • Bourg-de-Four,
  • Rond-point de Rive
  • Rond-point de Plainpalais,
  • Cabines dans la Promenade des Bastions,
  • On the Treille (Treille ramp) near the SUVA podium.

12. Meeting point

A meeting point is located at the Place-de-Neuve, at the tramway stop, in the front of the parc de Bastions, and provides a way to set up a meeting with your family and friends. This meeting point is indicated by a yellow floating and lighted balloon.

13. Entertainment

More than 150 artists and musicians will take turns throughout the afternoon, all along the race course, and within the large Escaladexpo tent in order to support your effort! Volunteer musicians are welcome.
Various other events provided by our sponsors and partners will be provided in the Promenade des Bastions and in different tents.

14. Giant screens

Three giant screens, one located on the Place Neuve, one located inside the large Escaladexpo tent and one located in Bourg-de-Four will be showing live images of the 40th Escalade Race.

15. TV

The TV channel Léman Bleu will be broadcasting live the Course de l'Escalade on the day of the race (Saturday, at 8:45 a.m.), and showing a recording covering all the races Sunday, December 3, 2017.

16. Radio

The radio channel One FM will provide live reporting of the Escalade Race throughout the event from their bus setup on the Place Neuve, just at the entrance to the Promenade des Bastions

17. Tent - Marquee - Escaladexpo

This is a very large white tent located in the Promenade des Bastions, in front of the Reformation Wall. This is where you should go to collect the race bibs/numbers, for the Escaladexpo, the distribution of prizes of different categories and runners’ information and services.  The tent will also have several options for refreshments and food/restaurant.

18. Food service :

  • Friday December 1st 2017 : as of 11:30 pm with live music
  • Saturday December 2nd 2017 : Starting at 8:00 am Migros and Muller Factory will be open for coffee and croissants and through the rest of the day at 11:00 am: various activities.

19. Costume contest

A big costume contest is being held as part of "La Marmite" popular run (last event for the day) in collaboration with CARREFOUR ADDICTIONS and the association "Respect, it changes your life” (le Respect, ça change la vie).  No theme is suggested and you are invited to let your imagination run free.  Prize available is CHF 2,550.
Participation: The competition is open to any participant of the race of "La Marmite". To participate in the Costume competition simply register in advance on the stand "le Respect, ça change la vie" located in the large white Escaladexpo tent/marquee.  Note well:  it is mandatory to show one or more bib numbers when registering and participating! The Contest begins at 9:00 pm.
Categories and Prizes: The competition is divided into four categories: (1) Children, (2) Adult and (3) Adult Group: Friends + companies, (4) Family Group: Children + adults. Details and description of prizes can be found on this website

Besides, novelty this year, the public is invited to vote on the social networks for the most beautiful disguise. A price of the Public UBS will be awarded.

20. Escaladexpo

A major exhibition of sporting goods and sports medicine stalls will be available inside the large white tent on the Promenade des Bastions.
In conjunction with the Department of Regional Affairs, Economy and Health, and in collaboration with Carrefour Addictions, there will be different stands to welcome you and present information on the theme "Prevention - all smiles!"

21. Boutique / Clothes

Gift ideas for the coming Christmas and holiday period! Clothes of the new line designed by the designer of the poster are on sale at the shop located in the tent. Our partner Tradexpor by KWO awaits you.

22. Photos

Photographer Hans Spielmann, well known in the world of athletics and running, will be taking pictures of participants in action. As such each participant will have an opportunity to purchase one or more photographs if desired. The recipient should feel free to buy or to return the photo(s) to the photographer, as they so choose.

23. Sustainable development, Sport and cleanliness

Show that you are a "sustainable" runner by adopting thoughtful “good-citizen” behaviour!

24. Accommodation

Visit our website to book your hotel in Geneva. Special rates are offered with Fassbind Hotels ( - Tel: +41-22-716.12.12 or +41-22-716.12.21).

You can also address in GENEVA TOURISM,, tel, +41(0)22 909 70 00.

25. Lost property

People who have lost or found objects may contact the "Information" stand located at the entrance of the big white Escaladexpo tent. After the race is over you may call +41-22-700.59.02, or send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

26. Accident and theft insurance

All participants must be personally insured. The organizer declines any liability in case of accident, theft or other type of problem.

27. Data Protection

On entering any of the Escalade Race or the Walking events, the contestant gives permission for the publication of their name, year of birth, place of residence (but not the full address), bib number, running time and ranking, in the registration lists and results. This authorisation extends to the publication of this same information in written and electronic media for sound broadcast made by the speakers for the race. This authorisation also applies to competitors registered by a third party.
Photographs and films made in the context of our event can be used in print and electronic media as well as for our own promotional resources or books. Their recording or usage does not entitle any participant or observer/supporter to any form of compensation.
The organiser commits to not releasing the participant files or data for commercial purposes.
For more details on the subject of data protection please read our General Policy of the Escalade Race and the "Declaration on Data Protection" published on our website

The database of Escalade Race participants is registered with the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and transparency (FDPIC ).

28. Responsibility

By participating in the Escalade Race or the Walking / Nordic Walking events, participants declare that they have read the "Guidelines for participants" as well as the General Rules of the Race, published on this website and will comply with them.