General Rules of the Race

 The people considered to be subject to these Regulations include all participants of the Course de l’Escalade in the different races, the Marmite, the walking and nordic walking events (hereinafter and in the absence of specific reference to a particular event, collectively called The Race), as well as in the various open/common training events. Registration for any of these events, as well as participation in various public training exercises, implies the full and complete acceptance by each participant of these Regulations as well as acceptance of the "Guidelines for participants" published before the Race.


The Course de l’Escalade is organized by the association carrying the same name.


The events making up the overall Course de l’Escalade are open to adults and children aged 6 years and older. Registration is personal, fixed and final and cannot be refunded for any reason whatsoever. No transfer of registration to another person is allowed, for any reason whatsoever. No registration fee will be refunded if the race cannot be held, whether fully or only partially. In such an event the Course de l’Escalade will pay the funds from participant registration, after deduction of any expenses already incurred, to the Foundation of Course de l’Escalade.

Bibs / race numbers

Participants are requested to present an identity document when collecting race bibs/numbers. People who have registered by mail or via the Internet may present either the postal receipt or online confirmation received during the registration process. Bibs will not be distributed without presentation of a proof of identity. Any competitor who has not withdrawn their bib envelope at least 1 hour before the start of their race will not be accepted to start in their race, and their registration fee will not be refunded. No participant will be allowed to start unless they have their bib. The bib must be attached to the chest, clearly visible and not bent. These rules apply equally to the Marmite, the walking and nordic walking events.

Starts and starting zones

The departure of all the races takes place at the beginning of the « Rue de la Croix-Rouge », side Place Neuve. As it is inside the course, its access is relatively difficult. So, it is recommended to the participants to be patient and especially to go there enough early to avoid a useless stress. Since the « Promenade des Bastions », the easiest is to take the footbridges inside the park.

The starting area itself will be divided into four sectors, in an order according to age (for young people) and expected time (for adults); each participant is urged to occupy the area corresponding to their own criteria and as such the organiser calls upon the sporting nature and fair play of each participant in order to ensure a smooth start for all.

It is indicated that the zone of departure going of the Place Neuve till the bottom of the « Rue de la Croix-Rouge » is exclusively reserved for the participants, the public having no access there. For certain races, particular devices are fitted out :

Devices “Poussin(e)s” and “Ecolier(ère)s”

The access to the zone of departure will have to be made since the "Place Neuve", at the foot of the "Rue de la Croix-Rouge". For schools only, the access to this zone is also possible by the staircase "INDUNI" installed behind the restaurant of the park of Bastions (formerly bandstand). The zone of departure will be bounded by barriers Vauban with porticoes, where volunteers of our organization will take care of the children. These volunteers will accompany them in their sector of departure.

Devices “Cadet(te)s”

Two departures are planned: one reserved to the "Cadets" A and B, an other one for the "Cadettes" A and B. The "Cadet(te)s" take place in the departure area according to their arrival in the aforementioned zone. However, for the young runners, male and feminine, of very good level (more details will soon be edited), it is possible to warm up before the departure of the race on the first 150 meters of the course. The organizer can besides authorize exceptionally an athlete for particular reasons to benefit from these particular conditions. A red dot on the bid will allow to identify these athletes.

Devices time block

It is planned that for the men 5 races with 5 blocks each, except the first race which contains only 1 block; for the women, it is planned that 3 races with 5 blocks each, except the first race which contains only 1 block. Every participants has to respect the block which was attributed to him (her) at the risk of disqualification. Plan of the device by time block is available for consultation HERE.

Escaladélite Race

There are 2 departures, 1 for the men and 1 for the women. The athletes take place in the departure area according to their arrival in the aforementioned zone. Athletes who completed the race in a specific time (more details to come), will be allowed to warm up on the first 150 meters of the race route. They will be recognisable because a red dot have been printed on their race bib. Moreover, the organizing committee will be able to allow athlete for some specific authorization to warm up on the first 150 meters of the race.

Mixed Races

2 mixed races, Mix2 on 2 tours and Mix3 on 3 tours are planned. To respect the spirit of these races, the composition of each will be made by grouping (companies, clubs, schools, diverse groupings), then by zip code.
In particular, for the race Mix3, it is planned 2 departures, the first one is reserved for the participants who think of realizing a time lower than 45 minutes.


Children's Village ("Poussin(e)s et Ecolier(ère)s")

The parents or the carers can find their children after the race in the Village of the children situated in the right top of the "Promenade des Bastions" in the locality "The Crypt", on the side "Rue De-Candolle. To avoid crowded situation, we ask that a single parent (or carer) goes to get back his (her) child. In case, in spite of the taken precautions, a child had to get lost, he (she) will certainly have been taken care by the ladies of the "Chaperon Rouge" and brought to their welcoming tent situated near the Children's Village.

All the concerning details the children, are in the "Directives for the parents" contained in envelopes bid and published on the Internet. We strongly recommend to the parents or guides to explain these directives to their children and to recognize together places before the race.

Valuables management

A guarded service of valuables management is proposed under the tent in the Parc of Bastions, on the 2nd of December, from 10:30 am to 8:30 pm. The deposit of bags is free. A single bag by participant will be accepted. This service is proposed subject to availability

The race organizer declines any responsibility in case of theft

Timing measurements

Timing measurement is provided by a chip built into each bib/race number. Timing mats are to be placed at the race starting line, including the start line for the walking and nordic walking events, and at the finish line of the race course. Any participant who attempts to joins the race along the route, for example in order to avoid a crowd at the race start, will be disqualified. Checks will be carried out throughout each race and along the route, using the electronic timing system.


The ranking of the children up to Cadet(te)s of the Course de l'Escalade, as well as the participants of the Escaladélite are established on the basis of the official time, i.e. the time between the firing of the starters’ pistol and the time the runner crossed the finish line. On the other hand, the ranking of the races by time blocks and the mixed popular races is a function of net time, that is, of the time past enter the crossing of the carpet of timing installed on line allocates and that of the arrival. For the Duke race, a net time will be registered for every runner, except for the participants of the first block for whom the ranking will be established on the basis of the official time. Each runner will have their real/actual race time published on the Internet. The "Marmite" race is a non-competitive event; for which results are published in alphabetical order of names of the participants. Competitors’ results in the walking event are also published in alphabetical order, with an indication of their time between the starting pistol and when they cross the finishing line. Inter-group and individual results and statistics, photos and other important race information will be published on the day after the race.

Race souvenir prize and special prizes

Each participant who completes their race will receive a souvenir prize. In addition special prizes will be awarded to:

  • The top 30 men and top 20 women in the Escaladélite categories;
  • The top 10 men and top 10 women to the scratch ranking of the Duke race;
  • The top 10 of all other categories, except the Marmite, walking and mixed races.

These prizes will be awarded the day of the race. No prizes will be sent out by mail. Special prizes of CHF 500 - CHF 200, - and CHF 100, - will be awarded to the three companies, schools and clubs considered to be the most competitive, according to separate regulations.

The André Perroud Challenge. The first junior (overall) and the first junior from Geneva will be rewarded with the Challenge André Perroud award, according to separate regulations.


Costumes are one of the traditions of the Course de l’Escalade, and as such are very welcome. Due to the presence of tram and trolley cables above the race route, and the limited height when passing under the pedestrian walkways (3m), the carrying or transport of all large objects is forbidden and would lead to a penalty of disqualification. Competitors who cause an accident because of their costume will be held directly and solely responsible.

Disputes / Appeals

Any dispute or challenge claim will be decided and closed by an appeals jury chaired by Mr. Christian Décombaz, Technical Manager of the race. The decision made will not be subject to any discussion, debate or appeal.

Liability, accident insurance and theft

Competitors participating in the Course de l’Escalade, the Duke race, the walking events, and to the open public training events, do so under their own responsibility. The organiser declines any and all responsibility for any accident, damage or theft, whether it occurs during the race event(s) or at one of the different public training events. All participants must have their own personal insurance.

Privacy and Data Protection

Through the act of registering as a participant for any of the Course de l’Escalade, the Duke race, or the walking or nordic walking events, the competitor gives consent for the publication of their name, year of birth, place of residence (but not their full address), bib number, race times and rankings in the registration lists and results. This authorisation extends to the publication of this same information in print and electronic media as well as for radio broadcasts made by the speakers/commentators of the race. This authorisation also extends to competitors registered/entered by someone else. Photographs and films made as part of our event can be used in print and electronic media as well as for our own promotional materials or books. They do not entitle anyone to any form of compensation.

The organiser may not provide the contents of the participant file for commercial purposes.

For more details on the issue of data protection, please read our General Policy and the "Declaration on Data Protection" published on our website

The database of participants in the Course de l’Escalade is registered with the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Transparency (FDPIC)


By participating in the Course de l’Escalade, the Duke race or the walking walking events, participants declare they have carefully read the "Instructions for participants" document as well as the General Rules of the Race, published on this website, and will comply with the rules contained within.

This translation is being provided for information, whereas only the French version should be considered as the authoritative reference.