In keeping with our philosophy of sustainable development on the one hand, and in view of the limited number of parking places in Veyrier and Reignier on the other hand, we encourage all participants to use public transport or other types of “mobilité douce” (cycling, walking etc). For this reason our organization covers the costs for the public transport network (TPG and Unireso) on the day of the event.

Group events



For the transport of walking participants to Veyrier, service on lines 8 and 41 will be considerably reinforced for the occasion.

We strongly advise you to arrive a little ahead of time in Veyrier: to promote a convivial atmosphere and keep you entertained, food stands from different local companies will be present from 18:00 near the start of the walk. Warm seating is also available.

Bags for walkers

You can leave your bag at 7.45 pm in Veyrier, either in the Balestrafic truck parked near the Raiffeisen bank, Avenue du Grand-Salève, or in the “broom car” parked at Chemin des Rasses, in the parking lot alongside the football field.

You will then find your bag under the tent marked "Garde des sacs" in the Parc des Bastions (follow the signs).

Duke Race


For competitors in the Duke Race, transport to Reignier will be provided free of charge by special shuttles departing from Rue Charles-Galland, in front of the Museum of Art and History. In this regard, about ten days before the race, each runner will be informed by e-mail of the time of departure of the assigned bus, as well as the number of his bus; the schedules will also be available on the starting lists from the homepage of

When getting onto the shuttles in Geneva, security guards will check the identity of each participant and check the bags. As a result, runners are requested to travel well in advance to take the shuttle in line with the assigned schedule. These buses will then drop off the runners, without stopping, in Reignier inside a sealed perimeter which includes heated spaces.

If, in spite of these facilities, competitors choose to be driven to Reignier, we make them aware that the course will be closed from 8.30 pm. In any case, the D2 can be taken only up to the Viaison brudge. Vehicles must follow the instructions in place. At Reignier, after dropping competitors, drivers will be directed to the A40 motorway.

Persons coming on their own will be checked when entering the reserved perimeter.

In the face of these reinforced security measures, we count on the understanding of participants and invite them to cooperate with the authorities and the organizers.

Bags of racers

Vehicles will provide free transport for runners’ bags from Reignier to Geneva (Rue de la Croix-Rouge). A TPG bus to deposit bags will be parked at the Rue des Ecoles, in the parking lot of the Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture (MJC) and BALESTRAFIC trucks will be parked in the Reignier church car park near the MJC and the rue des Ecoles. The bags will be distributed in buses and trucks according to the bib number. Each runner will receive a self-adhesive strip with his / her bib, which must be prominently affixed to the bag. For obvious logistical reasons, each runner is requested to use as small a bag as possible. Details on organization of the transport and the recovery of the bags can be consulted on (section "The Race" => "Duke Race").




Please consider using the car parks and car-pooling with our partner (information about the Geneva P & R on the site:

Walkers and Runners

"KISS & WALK" in Veyrier and "KISS & RUN" in Reignier will be indicated by signs so that your driver can easily drop you at the places specifically designated for this purpose without hindering the circulation.


In partnership with GenèveRoule, guarded parking lots for your private bike will be installed at Parc des Bastions (entrance Rue De-Candolle) and Veyrier. If you do not have a bike, you can rent one free of charge at one of the hire stations of our partner GenèveRoule: Montbrillant, Terrassière and Les Bastions.