Duke Race - Friday 1st December 2017 from 9:30 pm

4th edition of the Duke Race

Registrations : CLOSED
No waiting list is expected

Organized for the first time in 2002 to commemorate the historic events of 1602 and to celebrate the 25th edition of the Escalade Race, the Duke Race returns for the fourth time. The cross-border route of about 20 km will allow you to discover, in an unusual atmosphere, the various communes dimly lit by the thousands of shining head-lamps perched atop courageous runners. On arrival at the Parc des Bastions, musicians and supporters will be ready to celebrate with the lucky competitors.

The Duke's race is a cross-border race of 19,580 km. The departure takes place in Reignier (France), crosses the French communes of Monnetier-Mornex and Etrembières and then enters Switzerland in Veyrier. The route follows the Plateau de Vessy, passes by the Bout-du-Monde and joins the City of Geneva by crossing the Arve on the Pont de la Fontenette in Carouge. The runners will finish their efforts in the heart of the Promenade des Bastions.


Due to the logistical constraints related to the transport of the runners, we are forced to limit the number of registered to 7'000 for the Duke's race.
The Duke Race is open to any healthy athlete born in 1999 or earlier.
Under French law, each runner must send to the organizer, upon registration, a medical certificate declaring that there is no contra-indication to the practice of running in competition, dated November 30, 2016 or later.

This document must be sent without delay but no later than 17 November 2017, by e-mail (to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), failing which registration will not be taken into consideration.
Alternatively, you can also send us: a Licence Athlé Compétition, a Licence Athlé Santé Loisir (Running) or a Pass’Running issued by the Fédération Française d’Athlétisme, a license issued by the FSCF, the FSGT or the UFOLEP. In this case, the mention of no contra-indication to the practice of athletics in competition or running in competition must appear precisely on the license card.

No other document can be accepted under Article L. 231-3 of the Code du Sport.

Link to the Rules of the Duke Race : HERE

Where and when the bibs are picked up: please refer to the information on the Bib number page

The first start of the race is at 21:30. The organization of departures will be carried out in successive blocks of 500 to 1,000 runners at regular intervals, formed according to the time estimated at the time of registration. For safety reasons, the police impose a maximum running time of 2 hours, which corresponds to a speed of 9.8 km / h. The race time cannot be exceeded for any reason. Runners who exceed these limits will have to leave the race and will be able to reach the finish in the “broom car”; failing which, they will run under their own responsibility.

Crossing point
km Max. time at crossing point Passage deadline
1st refreshment Reignier
km 4.1
2nd refreshment Veyrier
km 12.2
Centre sportif de Vessy
km 15.5
Arrival Parc des Bastions
km 19.6 2h00 23h45

Thanks to the collaboration of Duracell, a headlamp with alkaline batteries will be offered to each participant and handed over with the number.

Runner transport
In keeping with our philosophy, we strongly encourage all participants to use the shuttles made available free of charge by the organizer (journey time approximately 35 minutes), especially since the parking places are extremely limited in Reignier.

Buses will be parked at Rue Charles-Galland in front of the Museum of Art and History / corner of Bellot Street.
Departures of the bus will take place between 18:00 and 20:10.
Given the large number of participants expected, runners’ bus departure time will be fixed according to their bib number. Each runner can consult the departure time of his bus on the website www.escalade.ch, on the starting lists, about ten days before the race. The time of the bus assigned for the transport to Reignier will also be communicated by email, and will be printed on the bib.
When entering the shuttles in Geneva, security guards will check the identity of each participant and check the bags. Therefore, runners are requested to go well in advance to take the shuttle in accordance with the assigned schedule. These buses will then drop off the runners, without stopping, in Reignier inside a sealed perimeter which includes heated spaces.
Persons coming on their own will be checked when entering the reserved perimeter.

Transport of bags
For obvious logistical reasons, each runner is requested to use as small a bag as possible. Buses will provide free transport of runners’ bags from Reignier to Geneva. They will be stationed at the Rue des Ecoles, near the starting line.
The organizer will provide with the bib a detachable coupon, which must be fixed prominently on the runner’s bag.
In Reignier, the runners will deposit their bag until 21:15 in the different buses numbered according to their bib number; in order to facilitate bag collection on arrival, runners are invited to respect the instructions scrupulously.
In Geneva, runners will be able to collect their bag in the same TPG bus as the one in which they have deposited it in Reignier. The number of the bus / truck assigned to deposit the bag will be printed on the bib.

For the classification, the age categories are identical to those of the Race of the Escalade, from Juniors to Men and Women VI. The first 10 men and 10 first women, scratch, will be rewarded.