Mixed popular races


Two mixed races are offered, combining ages and sexes from Junior(e)s upwards (open to people born in 1999 or before):

  • Mix2 on 2 laps (4,832 km) on Saturday 
  • Mix3 on 3 laps (7,323 km) on Saturday


These races are designed particularly for participants with no specific ambitions in terms of finishing time, who are running primarily for fun and wanting to participate alongside family, friends or work colleagues in a moment of conviviality. It is to preserve this spirit that we have been led to intoduce limits : participants who ran in 2015 or 2016 or who think achieving a time of less than 22 minutes on 2 laps or less than 33 minutes on 3 laps can not enroll in these courses. 
We particularly strongly recommend these race categories to beginner runners, or people who have not trained for the other race categories.

Departure: rue de la Croix-Rouge.

Arrivals: promenade des Bastions.

Rankings : for each race there will be a men’s and women’s overall ranking, independent of age, established on the basis of the brut time, i.e. the time from the starting pistol being fired to when the finishing line is crossed. The ranking will therefore correspond to the order in which runners cross the finishing line.
Taking into account the spirit of this race, there will be no prizes awarded. Participants in this race are also able to take part in the group rankings, as long as women run 2 laps and men 3.

Individuals registrations or registrations in families: CLOSED

Family rules and regulations (conditions of participation and ways of registrations): HERE (update in progress)

Where and when can participants withdraw their bib numbers? Please refer to the descriptions on the page "Bib pick up". 

Access:It is strongly advised to come by trams / buses, by bike or on foot. The day of the race, the public transport network of Geneva and Unireso are free for participants.

However, should you come by car, it may be a good idea to offer a carsharing.

Further information: for any further details, we invite you to read information provided under Pratical information.