Races by time blocks

The races by time category are open from Junior(e)s onwards (open to people born in 1998 or before), without any age distinctions :

  • 3 races for women, over 2 laps (4,832 km); 1 block (first race), otherwise 5 blocks
  • 5 races for men, over 3 laps (7,323 km); 1 block (first race), otherwise 5 blocks

Theses courses are primarily for people called "competitive"; for flow reasons, we were led to introduce limits : participants who ran in 2015 or 2016 or who think achieving a time greater than 35 minutes on 2 laps for women and more the 45 minutes on 3 laps for men can not enroll in these courses but are invited to register in either of mixed races

The respect for this philosophy in both types of races (races by time blocks and mixed) will allow each to run in harmony, by limiting the catching up and the density; in case of hesitation, we shall advise you very gladly (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Departures: the starting point for all races is on the rue de la Croix-Rouge, in a zone extending from the Place Neuve up to the start of the rue de l'Athenee, which is closed to the public.

Arrivals: promenade des Bastions

Below yo will find the organisation of departures per time blocks for one race:

e 2015 plan dpart H F c4

For each race, the time categories will be spread out, starting at 1 minute intervals.

Time categories will be established after inscription is complete, based on the number of people signed up for each race and the anticipated race time: runners will be allocated to a group based on their time in 2015/2016, or the time estimated by the runner when he/she registers. The starting time and time-category will be communicated by email to participants at the latest 10 days before the race. This information will also be printed on bibs and will be available to consult on the starting lists.

Rankings: Quite independently of how the starting process is being managed, the categories remain unchanged from previous years, i.e. age-group categories in 10 year blocks. Obviously, this means that all of the women’s races need to be completed before any ranking can be determined for women, and likewise for the men’s races. The ranking will be established based on the net time, i.e. from when you cross the mat on the starting line to when you cross the mat on the finishing line.

This therefore means that the winner of a particular race may not be the winner of his or her category.

Individuals registrations or registrations in families: CLOSED

Family rules and regulations (conditions of participation and ways of registrations): HERE (update in progress).

Where and when can participants withdraw their bib numbers?  Please refer to the directions on the page "Bib pick up".

Access:It is strongly advised to come by trams / buses, by bike or on foot. The day of the race, the public transport network of Geneva and Unireso are free for participants.

However, should you come by car, it may be a good idea to offer a carsharing.

Further information: for any further details, we invite you to read information provided under Pratical information.