Marmite Race

The day closes with the traditional fancy-dress race, known as « La Marmite », which allows men and women of any age to walk or run together, in fancy dress, expressly for pleasure, not competition.

This 3.593 km race, which starts at 8.00 p.m. (unless changed) Saturday 2nd december, takes in the Rues Basses, which is especially animated for this occasion.

MARMITE 3For reasons of control and safety, all participants in « La Marmite » must wear their race bibs visibly on their chests. No runner will be allowed to join the starting line without wearing a bib.

No special pricing, other than price souvenir, will be distributed. The result sets are only published alphabetically in the list of results.

Fancy dresses:

While fancy dress is a key part of the « La Marmite », for security reasons runners wearing over-sized costumes will not be permitted to run and the race organizers reserve the right to stop anyone attempting to do so. In case of any doubt, it is highly recommended to contact the race organizers in advance.

Let your imagination run wild and participate in our costume contests organised with the collaboration of CARREFOUR ADDICTIONS and the association "Le Respect, ça change la vie".

Individuals registrations or registrations in families: CLOSED

Where and when can participants withdraw their bib numbers?  Please refer to the directions on the page "Bib pick up".

Access:It is strongly advised to come by trams / buses, by bike or on foot. The day of the race, the public transport network of Geneva and Unireso are free for participants.

However, should you come by car, it may be a good idea to offer a carsharing.

Further information: for any further details, we invite you to read information provided under Pratical information.