Walking - Friday 1 December 2017

We kindly remind you that the nordic walking event has been eliminated (for security reasons and based on popular demand).

Walking   Photo 2   Distance: 8,52 km.

   Parcoursstreet names and map (in progress)

   Registrations: CLOSED

   Departure location: Chemin des Rasses, in Veyrier.

   Arrival location: Parc des BastionsANIMATION WALKING

   Access: see "going to Veyrier"

   Departure time: the first start will be at 8.00 pm. Then, the other starts will occur at 2 minute intervals (in groups of 400 walkers per start).


Walkers will be divided into departure blocks based on their recorded time in 2016 or based on the time estimated by the participant on registration. Hence, each walkers will be given a block and a precise departure time that he is encouraged to follow. However, if for any good reasons the participant wants to join another block, he is allowed to do so, without telling the organizers about his decision. 

New participants: walkers without any recorded time are invited to choose the block that best corresponds to their estimated time.

Time limit: time limit is set at 2 hours (for the whole walking course). Therefore, for security reasons, walkers who wouldn't reach the following points of the course within the mentionned duration, would be overtaken by the sweep vehicle and would go on walking outside of any surveillance and under their own responsibility.

Crossing points Km Walking time max. Time limit
Grand-Donzel km 2.6 36 minutes 21:06
Rond-point route de Veyrier km 3.6 50 minutes 21:20 
Pont de Veyrier km 5.4 75 minutes 21:45
Pont de la Fontenette km 6.9 96 minutes  22:06 
Arrival Parc des Bastions km 8.5 120 minutes 22:30

Timekeeping: as it is a non-competitive event, no ranking is established but each walker will be given his own net time (time between the crossing of the timing mat at the start and thê one at the arrival). Net times will be published on www.escalade.ch in alphabetical order.

Transport of bags: transport of bags is ensured from the start point to the finish. A pick-up van ("Balestrafic") is parked near the departure location avenue du Grand-Salève, behind the last block until 7.45 pm precisely. At the arrival, bags will be stored in a tent in the green area near the Palais Eynard.

Supplies: only at the arrival.

Withdrawal of bib numbers: Please refer to the directions on the page "Bib pick up" .