Going to Veyrier

By bus

We recommend you to get there by public transport


Three bus lines lead to Veyrier, namely lines 8, 34 and 41 (see map).

Additional buses on lines 8 and 41 are provided between 17:30 and 19:30.



The stops for the removal of the walkers are:

  • The Salesian   : 8 direction Veyrier-Tournettes
  • Veyrier-Communal Hall   : 8 direction Veyrier-Douane
  • Veyrier-Tournettes   : 41
  • Petit-Veyrier: 34 ( access from the P + R Sous-Moulin in about ten minutes )


A partnership allows the participants to benefit from the free circulation on the public transport network of Geneva on the day of the Walking , with a symbolic participation of CHF 1.- (only possible when registering) : simply print your ticket TPG Received by email.

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By car

There are no parking facilities in Veyrier, we recommend you use public transport


Private vehicles are asked to drop the walkers exclusively in the zones provided for this purpose, between 18:30 and 19:30 (see plan):

  • Zone 1: Route de l'Uche (Tournettes side)
  • Zone 2: Chemin du Petit-Veyrier

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We ask you to give priority to carpooling and to anticipate your arrival at the departure before 19:00 in order to avoid bottlenecks.